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    Hi Malcolm,

    If you'd like to give your device to someone else and if you have a Premium Bundle 24, please note that in order to transfer ownership, your 24 month contract must be satisfied.  Please note that only the location owner is able to remove a device.

    To remove the device, perform the following steps:

    - Open the Canary App
    - From the **Dashboard** tap the gear icon in the top right corner
    - Tap **'My Devices'** from the Settings menu
    - Select the device that you wish to remove
    - Tap **‘Remove Device’** at the bottom of the next screen
    - Read the confirmation question and tap **'Remove'**
    - Enter your password to complete this process

    You may find this detailed guide useful: [How do I remove and deactivate a Canary](

    Please note that in order to perform the steps outlined in this message, you will need to have the latest version of the Canary App, 7.1.0 installed on your mobile device. To update your App, please click **[here](** 

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